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Monday, May 05, 2008


Selamat pagi (good morning)... for my 5 readers that is.  We are currently at Sydney Airport about to fly off to Jakarta to catch up with some good friends from Bible College and to have a nice holiday (hopefully some surfing in Lombok also).  We're all booked in and just waiting for departure... got me some sweet EXIT row seats due to my enormous stature and looking forward to stretching out and making the most of it.  Sampai ketemu lagi!


Blogger Dan said...

Have a mad time guys.

9:21 AM

Anonymous Dave Miers said...

keep it real amigo... from reader # 2... 3 more to go...

10:54 AM

Blogger Justin said...

LOVE the exit row....

God be with you.

1:45 AM

Blogger jodi said...

i'm sure you have more than 5 readers... although i like the fact that i know two of the commenters

the mcphails? proud'feet'? either way give em my love

11:41 PM

Anonymous Qing-jao said...

You write very well.

8:31 AM


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