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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


WAVE is a mission our church runs every January. Kinda like the Summerfest of CCEC but on a smaller scale. However, God has been tops this year and we're growing!

I have been speaking each morning at the Sideline Cafe (Adults Tent). Today there were over 40 adults there listening to the gospel... if you pray please pray that I would keep speaking the gospel to these parents in a clear and culturally relevant way.

Today we had a workshop on photography (Josh did this and it was awesome!) and then I spoke on 'Portraits of humanity'.

Portrait 1: The beauty of humanity (Genesis 1:26-28)
Portrait 2: The depravity of humanity
The way back to portrait number 1 is through Jesus.


Blogger Justin said...

Nice, Sam. Praying for you as your speak...

5:16 PM

Blogger sam said...

thanks... talks went well over all.

5:14 PM


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