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Sunday, February 24, 2008

the fruit of youth ministry @ St. Matts

Been speaking at St Matthews Anglican Church young adults camp this weekend (AKA 'Summer Exodus'). I became a Christian through the ministry of St. Matts and was involved in Youth Ministry there for a number of years (Steve 'Mad Dog' McKerney was the youth minister for most of this time) so it was great to see old friends pushing on in Christ and meet some new people as well. It was also encouraging to see the long term fruit of the youth ministry at St Matts. For a couple of reasons:
  • Most of the people on the camp were either people that I co-led with, people that I used to lead or both (which is always a scary reminder of your age). Seeing these people make up the core group of people on the camp it reaffirmed the value of a thriving youth ministry.
  • There's a whole bunch of friends from St. Matts who are now at bible college this year. For many of these the place where they were challenged to consider giving up work to preach the gospel was within the youth leadership team at St. Matts.
Who's at college this year?
Andrew & Lauren, Nick & Penelope, Helen, Neil & Lou, CJ & Claire, Adam & Edwina
For the prayers:
  • Thank God for his work in the lives of young people at St. Matts
  • Ask God to sustain and grow those who are at college this year
  • Thank God for the reliable men and women who handled the word of truth with great care and seriousness and passed this legacy on to people now studying the word at Moore College & SMBC.


Blogger Dave Miers said...

exciting stuff.

talks went well?

11:28 PM

Anonymous CJ said...

thanks for your prayers sam. was great to have you come and speak, and to catch up.

9:21 AM

Blogger sam said...

no worries CJ... be keen to hear any news from you during your college years.

10:06 AM


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