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Monday, March 03, 2008

trusting in my own righteousness

Just been out door knocking - which was a frustrating experience but worthwhile. It never ceases to amaze me how confident people are in their own righteousness before God. Every person we spoke to this afternoon were happy to believe that their good works would be enough for God to accept them on the last day. It didn't seem to matter how explicit we made the point that were entrenched in their theology of good works and did not want to believe they were not acceptable before God on their own. Arrgh!

This is how one conversation with a Catholic lady went something like this...

Us: The only way we can be sure that you are saved is to trust that Jesus death has done 100% of what needs to be done for you to be forgiven and receive eternal life.
Lady at the door: Yes, we need to believe in Jesus but also do good works to be saved.

It has made me more keen to get out into the community with the message of Jesus and encourage people to wholeheartedly trust in Jesus.

Any tips? How do you help people to see they are not good?


Blogger Dave Miers said...

no-one i've met thinks they are perfect...
so how good is good enough?

12:09 PM

Blogger Dave Miers said...


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