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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Take 5

Well... it's a few days out from the annual 5pm camp. It's been very encouraging to see stacks of people throwing themseleves into ministry this year to get the camp up and going. I am speaking which will be great fun. It looks like there will probably 55-60 people at the camp this year which is encouraging. Pray that those who are slow to sign up would be convicted to come along and sign up in the next couple of days.

I am doing three talks on mission from John's gospel. Talk 1 - The Uniqueness of Jesus, Talk 2 - The Unique Mission of Jesus, Talk 3 - The Unique Sending of Jesus. If you pray, pray the talks would go well and that people would be convinced that the person and work of Jesus is worth proclaiming to the world around us.

Also, another tops thing is that Morgan and Anna (from St Matts, West Pennant Hills), will be coming up to share their vast wisdom with those who are considering going to Bible College or overseas on mission.

Oh yeah... one final thing. If anyone has any ideas on how to convince people on camp that a great Saturday Night activity would be to watch the Swans Vs. West Coast final on the Big Screen let me know??!!


Anonymous CJ said...

Hey Sam...it's really encouraging to hear that heaps of people will be coming on camp to hear the gospel proclaimed. Praise God!

The Swannies match is definately a must for Saturday night. Lets just hope that we don't have a repeat of the previous two matches at Subiaco! (ie dodgy umpires, and loose both by less than a goal...)

4:41 PM

Blogger David said...

suggestion: lie to them. tell them that it's for their spiritual maturity.

5:59 PM

Anonymous Stu the white said...

Hey Sam, just letting you know that I'm reading your drivel.

God bless bru.

ps. didn't really mean what I wrote above- I hardly ever read your drivel.

pps (or is it pss?). I just read Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell- I kind of recommend it. It makes ones blood boil in parts but it also has some stimulating thoughts about understanding Jesus' ministry.

10:06 PM


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